Operation Liberate Koroafoju

Hi leaders,

I’m glad to inform you, on behalf of PYAfrica Kwara, about our “on-going” project called *OperationLiberateKoroafoju* here in ilorin, kwara state.

Koroafoju, as it is called, is located in the Gambari area of ilorin. Findings revealed that it has been in existence for more than a century and the colony predominantly houses *blind* people thus the name Koroafoju(blind’s corner).

We also discovered that most of the children in the colony do not attend schools and its somehow understandable since a reasonable number of them take their blinds parents around to beg for alms while the rest simply sit idly or go around to beg too. They also live in a situation that I can mildly describe as inhumane. Let me not talk about their numerous health problems.

Yeaterday, Sunday 19th of August, 2018; with the support of some medical professionals and another NGO called the mentors, we achieved a reach out that touched on health screening, need for education and environmental awareness.
This is to basically feel the pulse of these people and also get familiar with the community as our primary plan is to send some of the kids to school.

At the end of the day, we conducted various medical tests and gave out requisite drugs to more than 100 people and also gave out gifts of clothes,food, toiletries, shoes, snacks and many more to more than 150 members of the community.

Dear leaders, we are working on the collated data from this project and we will be coming up with a short documentary on this project as we plan to go into our primary concern of sending some of these kids to primary and secondary schools.

The next step is a proper project proposal with verified and accurate details/data and proceed towards achieving the primary goal as earlier explained. We will keep the house posted about any progress and also seek support from other members as we go on this journey.

You’ll get a few pictures of the community and the project, on this group, in due time.

Thank you.

Babayemi I.O (Equity).
For PYAFRICA Kwara chapter.