PYAfrica OYO Rally

Reject your fears. Fear is just an emotion, nothing more. It can not hurt you, but it can stop you from achieving your goals if you let it. Few pictures from our rally today. Sexual Abuse is a NO NO. Domestic violence is evil. No excuse will be accepted. The day was not very favourable. Many promised and gave excuse but we still turned up. It was huge and the energy level was top notch. Some of the resolutions from our audience are:
1. Tell the federal government to castrate these people when caught or kill them.
2. Immoral dressing be reduced drastically (Though it is never an excuse)
3. Parents and Guardians should trust no one
4. The sensitization should not stop here. It should be an everyday thing and lots more.

We stormed the street, we visited the market. They listened and learnt. No is No.

#Purpose #PYAfrica #Servinghumanity