PYAfrica Kwara Leper’s Intervention

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West
We will make this succinct enough and prepare a detailed one very much later or allow Channels TV do the detailed report. 80% of our members (PYAfrica Kwara, Nigeria) wept and couldn’t hold it after seeing several people healed from Leprosy disease. What a cruel world. We had never seen a place that worst, not even in movies and we still had souls living there before Nigeria gained independence. Leper’s Colony, Oke Igbala, Omu Aran is a community of those abandoned after being cured of Leprosy. Many wish to return home but were always rejected by family members after they have been fully cured and discharged (The Doctor confirmed). Many from there goto beg and return to cater for their family members after some months. They in turn marry themselves and give birth to leaders of tomorrow (though always limited). The only school in this community is without Chairs and tables, while the entire building is nothing to write home about. After our kind donation of food items, cloths and other items, we decided to give four Youths (2 males and 2 females) Scholarship to Higher Institutions to secure their future. This scholarship will be fully funded and we hope it will go a long way in empowering their kids (As we hope to do more). We will be seeking some help from well wishers on this platform as at when due and hope you will give hope to these kids also. We will stop here as promised. Special thanks to all that donated to the success of this visit. To all PYAfrica members that contributed, God will reward us all. To Channels TV, we are grateful. To State Security Service, thank you. To Great minds who contributed and are not PYAfrica members, God bless you. More details later ……. January 29, 2017