We live in a cruel world.

That sounds like a cliche, but it’s often quite true. Many face challenges and all sorts everyday. A young boy or girl wants to get a quality education but no access. Many want to at least take a square meal but no means. These are opportunities to sow some kindness into the hard ground of life. Her name is Ifunanya Okolie, a young vibrant lady who delights in serving humanity. A proud member of PYAfrica Nigeria. And this time, she sees a need and willing to fill it. But she can’t do it alone. She is currently serving in plateau, a remote area where she finds many things difficult to achieve. But when her fellow Corp members were redeploying, she didn’t. All because she sees a need and she wants to contribute her quota. She is embarking on a project called Donate a Book. This is not strange to many of us and this time, she intends putting in place a functional library for this young minds (Secondary School Students) in that very community. She believes this will transform and change their stories. They are willing to study but no means. Our contributions will go a long way in saving many lives and building many future. She is currently in Lagos to receive the books before returning to Plateau early January. Any book (Both old and new) will go a long way in achieving her aim. If you have them and can’t get it across, gather them and call her. She will come for it. If you are outside Lagos and willing to send it through transit, call her. She will make arrangement for it. Those who practice generosity have discovered a new way of life.