PYAfrica Kaduna, Nigeria Book Drive Project

On 15th May, Our representative by the name Ms Ayodele Abidemi visited Kairos of Excellence Schools Hanwa rafin sidi, a remote area in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria. 
Meeting the young at hearts in the school reminded her of the important reasons why we should all work for charity.
The school principal, Mrs Faith Emmanuel, welcomed her in high spirits. She said she first heard about PYAfrica via the news, about the advocacy on the rehabilitation of the leper’s colony at oke igbala kwara state (Channels TV). She was so pleased when she was told that PYAfrica intends to support the school by establishing a library. As Government have slashed funding for education, more and more school districts have turned to parents for help. its hard to fault parents for giving and raising little or no money for the schools. Her (Ms Abidemi) investigation revealed that poverty has risen 10% more since the start of recession. The school shrunk class sizes and the likes. Meanwhile, the poor majority laid off staff, neglected libraries etc. 
PYAfrica tends to lend support to the ideas of literacy program by aiding education for African Youths.

PYAfrica intends collaborating with the school to create a more serene reading-learning environment and supporting the notion that we are working to create a better education for all students in Africa.
It can only get better.

Long live PYAfrica
Long live PYAfrica Members across Africa.
Building the future
Together we can!!