PYAfrica Abuja chapter made a move to visit the orphanage with some items. The date was fixed for 20th December, 2016. It was a great opportunity for the organization to put a smile on the faces of the children and staffs of Divine Wound of Jesus Christ Orphanage Kubwa Abuja. This is what we stand for. We were highly received by the authorities of the orphanage. They were so glad to have us and didn’t hesitate to express their gratitude. It was also a time for us to reflect on the the state of the society as to the future of the youths, how we could help make the society better. Items donated to them include clothing materials, toiletries, food items and shoes which was contributed by progressive minds from the Chapter. We do hope to do more in the nearest future. PYAfrica has indeed given us a platform to impact our world and to serve humanity and we are willing to do more. Long live PYAfrica Long live Nigeria Long live Africa.